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Beauty/ Dermal therapist

Hello Beauties...

My name is Marianna and I'm the owner of Marianna's Beauty Room.

I have been in the beauty industry for as long as I can remember. 

I did my studies in one of the most prestigious beauty schools in Italy, almost 15 years ago. For years I travelled all over Europe working in amazing resorts, gaining experience, knowledge and confidence.

I arrived in Perth about 10 years ago. 

Here I managed a beauty salon for few years, but everything changed when I had my son.

I started looking for a better life/work balance and encouraged by my husband I started looking into creating my own little corner of beauty.

That's when my Beauty Room opened it's door. A place for anyone looking for high standard treatments, performed with love by knowledgeable hands.

Everyone is welcome.

Our Team: Our Team
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