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Why is Medik8 different?

We believe that everyone deserves Beautiful Skin for Life. This is our ultimate mission. And it’s simple.
All you need to do is follow Medik8 clean core philosophy of CSA: vitamin C plus sunscreen by day, vitamin A by night.
Do this at 30 and we believe you can look 40 when you are 50. It's never too late to upgrade your skin.

We exist for one purpose. To liberate you from the choice between "results or experience".  There are so many skin care brands to choose from. But they either seem to offer you a nice pampering experience with no results, or a promise of results but with underwhelming packaging, textures and fragrances. Similarly, you traditionally have to choose between 'clean' skincare and results. If you want to avoid all the 'chemicals' that people are concerned with, then you have to go ultra-natural and forego the results we know you want.
With Medik8, you don't need to choose because you can have both.

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